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Every Friday night, by 9 pm PST, a new chapter will be posted for the novel; Not Me.

Not Me- fictional novel by Norma Rrae

I’ve quit my job, left my husband and brought my daughter with me. Now I must survive the next year of my life without the normalities of everyday life.

I have $30,000- pulled from a local bank loan and I am flying to Vancouver Island without my husband knowing. Leaving in the morning, he goes to work as a normal day. He can only assume that I will have dinner cooked, floors swept and hair primed when he returnes. A perfect wife for a perfect household.

Well, I can’t do it anymore.

There is something itching me, in my mind. The way he talks to me, the way he treats me like an thing, objectifying me is beating me down. After years of struggles with a blended family, working in a stressful career and now embarking on teenage children- I am done. I am looking for more meaning to life. Maybe my husband will appreciate what I do. I also need to work through some of these thoughts and feelings in my own mind, of what this emotional turmoil is that I’ve been put through.

My skin, it holds me together. Some days anyways.

It stops your words. For the most part anyways.

It protects my emotions. A little bit anyways.

It hides my truths, not just sometimes. Always.

-Norma Rrae


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