Give Thanks

With this being Thanksgiving weekend and only two more chapters left in my novel, Not Me, I figured it was a great time for this post.

I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to the people that helped me in this novel. They are beautiful artists in their own ways as well!

Thank you Gloria Hoban, the wonderful photographer that worked some amazing photo shop magic for me on Chapter 3. She did a beautiful job cleaning the photo up and making the eyes really pop!

Thank you to my child hood friend, Jessica Seibert and her band Jack and Jill! They are a Colorado Indie/Alt. Band. Music that blends dark grungy guy and rich female voices (wording copied from their Facebook page! Thank you Jessica for allowing me to use your photo for Chapter 10. And yes, all these happenings are still fictional, I just used some of the physical features of my beautiful friend for the barista featured in my novel.

Thank you to my mother-in-law for not panicking thinking I had left her son.  The happenings in this novel are fiction, we have a happy fulfilling marriage (to the normal extent any marriage is, of course we fight!)

Thank you to my beautiful daughter for not demanding that I remove her likeness to Sadie. She is a gem and I couldn’t imagine making up a daughter without her persona being so closely intertwined.

Thank you to my friends and family for dealing with my near breakdown as I set unrealistic deadlines for this novel and found myself not only struggling to hit the PUBLISH button every Friday but also working diligently on three separate short story submissions all due within one month.

Thank you to my husband for not divorcing me for the horrible monster I made him into in this novel, I love you baby ❤ He has been very supportive and hopes one day too to see my work published for all my lovely fans to purchase and place on their own bookshelves!

And thank you to my followers! I am sad as this novel nears the end, I have greatly enjoyed your feedback and I hope you likewise, have enjoyed this novel. With only two chapters remaining, I do find myself actively wondering where to take the website from there. I have written several different types of genres. So, it leads me to this. I will put the offer back to you guys!

What genre do you want to read next?

Literary Fiction (as this was)




Let’s hear some comments, most commented genre wins! I’ll aim to have the next novel started within three months of this one ending. In the meantime, this novel will be removed and short stories will litter the feed periodically 🙂

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Norma Rrae

I sat on the beach, it was a drab dark type of day. My children ran around on the beach around me. I turned, this sat precariously just behind me. As if an angel placed it there. And they did. My step-daughter put it there purposely since she said, ‘your face looked sad.’ It’s the little things in life. Truly.



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