Now What?

Christmas is past, New Years is approaching but I can hardly stay up past 9pm. So now what? My Skin Deep story has been removed from the website in preparation for it to be submitted to the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Anthology. Wish me luck guys!

Maybe I’ll plan a big dinner for New Years, my party days are over. Now, I just write about partying 😉

I’m off from union work for the next four days and not sure what I will do with my time. Possibly begin editing a novel? Or should I draft up and write another one. Writing is soooo much more enjoyable than editing.

I got a new puppy for Christmas, her name is Xena, Warrior Princess and she certainly is a princess. I love her to death already and she’s chill enough that I can still get in reading and writing time.

I may take the next few days to just read and catch up on Netflix. I have an ever growing list of shows to watch. Did you guys hear about this Black Mirror- Bandersnatch? I loved Black Mirror and can’t wait to watch this next one!

Or this Bird Box show is supposedly similar? What do you guys think? Any more suggestions for Netflix? I’m currently reading Mortal Engines…

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