Witch vs Wizard Chapter 1/5

“But, Professor Wizard, why can’t we chant in English?” inquireda fair faced adept positioned at the inner circle of enchantment.

“To chant in Celtic,” repliedWizard, “is to add power to your words, Ms. Adept. Now, resume; Sgothan geala.” Wizard echoed the words inhis head, rain cloud.

“But I’ve heard apprentices chantin English,” she persisted the inquiry. Halted her feet and caused the entireinner circle to stop their movement. Shoulders bumped into chests and juvenilecurses came from the group of adepts. The outer circle continued their formationstrong, ignoring the chaos. Wizard had purposely placed the stronger of theclass to the inner circle, now he second guessed his initial interpretation ofthis particular adept. If she complained to have the easy way out of a chant,she would certainly be more inclined toward the easy way out of thaumaturgy.

“Ms. Adept,” Wizard held hiswords calm, steady with patience, “you have disturbed the flow of energy, Iwill you, please resume.” He pulled his glasses off the bridge of his nose andrubbed the exasperation formed haze out of his eyes. Then motioned for thecircle to close once more and continue their motion. He loved his adepts, towatch them grow gave him such pride.

It took a few extra steps and onlyone more miscalculation from other adepts but they fell into place and soon,the movement of the two circles flowed.

Once you channel the energy from our Earth, Ms. Adept, and master yourown power, you then may chant in English. He placed the reassuring wordsgently in her mind.

Thank you, Professor Wizard, she smiled with response.

Deep in the Seminary ofThaumaturgy, Wizard thrived on the growth of power in his adepts. His teachingswere whispered of in many seminaries across the land. Professor Wizard hadgained status quickly in his local lands, his name whispered far on his quickteachings to his pupils. How powerful their magic had grown, together as acommunity from Wizards infamous lessons. He pined to one day be named Grand ProfessorWizard. That would sound lovely. He smiled at the thought, his cobalt blue eyesfull of optimism for the future.

Many pupils had come through thisseminary with Wizard, taught by him. To move upward in the ranks, what is aname but what you attest. Children born with nothing but the Earth’s potentialare named infants. Proven elevation toward magic and they are enrolled intoseminaries. Named then as adept. Junior apprentices follow soon after.Adulthood brings out wizard title for men and witch for women. Successfulgraduation gives way to witches, wizards, mages and only ever one sultan. Noone is immortal but the power the Imperial Sultan pulls from the Earth, getshim close enough.

Any infants not powerful enoughto pull energy from the Earth are enrolled in a seminary are directed to workas a neophyte rogue. Either at home or in the fields, everyone is expected tocontribute. All rogues lay their energy back into the Earth much earlier than awitch or wizard and one controls it all; Imperial Sultan. He is head of theSeminary of Thaumartgy and it was he who disbanded the Master Mage forpractising sorcery. The evil art of magic that was buried millienia ago, onlythaumatrgy was to be practised now.

No matter the abode, seminary orshop there was meant to connection to Earth. The open to all thaumaturgypracticing beings, the flow of energy in and through them. Then naturally backinto the Earth. To be recycled once more. The cycle had to be completed.Wizard’s own wife, Witch too knew this rule well. He recalled when she wasstill an adept in his class, how she would be the one teaching the other adeptsthe reasons why.

Witch, as Wizard recalled, oncehad been as promising as the fair faced adept in his class. She had excelled atthaumaturgy young. Once inquisitive and most powerful of his class, she hadreturned to him one day to show her womanly form and strong capabilities. Thebeautiful curves on her petite body, the energy she could pull san chant.

Wizard retrieved his thoughts of hisbeautiful wife back, to the chant of the room.

The voices came together inperfect unison. The power rose in the air, lighting the room in electricalsparks. The Celtic chant forced louder by the hum of magic, the adepts got it.They understood thaumaturgy. The energy in the middle of the smaller circlepulled up from the dirt floor. Specks of sand suspended by nothing other thanthe children’s words. The dots grew until it was a cyclone of murky air, itthreatened to topple and spill before reaching to high. The adepts pushedharder, yelling their chant above the crackle that filled the room. Wizardsecretly added his own power to the growing cyclone, with not a word but only aslight wisp from his hand; he smoothed the sides and formed the teeteringcyclone into a solid branched funnel of Earth.  

“It’s the tree of life!” The fairfaced adept shrieked in a solid breath of joy before returning to her chant.The trunk grew solid and strong from the dirt Earth floor. Obsidian darkparticles swirling too fast to see the separation any longer. The almond shadedbranches grew and stretched out above the adept’s crowns. The energy pushedthem thin into twigs, all shaded that of the Earth.

Soon the shrill twigs snapped offfrom the trunks branches, darkened into a navy lucent cloud. The conjured stormspun whimsically as the cylindrical energy pulled up from the Earth. Broke offand fell in a wave of coarse particles and reabsorbed into the ground belowtheir feet.

The cloud hung above the pupil’sheads. Soft wisps snapped out like fingers being pulled back in to the growingblue mass. Wizard crossed his arms to observe, leaving the energy to be solelycontrolled by the adepts. The escaping wisps were pulled in once more, the twocircles of children walked in different directions and the chant was heldstrong. The color of the glamorous azure darkened and was ready.

Wizard was full of pride, builtby his adepts growing strength. Contented with their progress, he found hisusually habit of smoothing his short grey beard hairs to a point. Experience asa professor had grown the hair on his chin long but it stopped short of grandstatus. This may put him over yet. An heir would be better but a solid batteryof adepts succeeded in thaumaturgy early, did wonders for one’s status.

“You see, Ms. Adept, the power ofyour chant?” Wizard motioned to the spinning electrical cloud of formedthaumaturgy. The fair faced adept smiled widely, her lips moving in unison withher mates.

The Earth gave energy to eachliving creature, almost all grew into strong enough adepts. They would growolder and contribute their own energy then back to the Earth by assisting incrop growth, cloud movement and abode building. The few adepts that honed theirskill would grow to be named Witch or Wizard. The ones that faltered would benamed sage for the entirety of their years, typically not stretching tohundreds or millennia’s such as wizards would be gifted. Witches would beslightly less, all depending on the strength of their own energies.

The teaching of thaumaturgy waslimited even more. Only select wizards would become professors, Wizard waslucky enough to have been chosen. He was lucky enough to say he had a classfull of young adepts that looked up to him and pined so deeply to be hisadepts.

Wizard was satisfied, his large chestframe grew as he inhaled self-importance, as his class produced the energylarger this morning. Greater then they had before. He placed his strong hands,one on each of the outer circle adept’s shoulders and pursued the circle topart. He stepped through the inner circle as well and the students smiledwidely at their professor.

Wizard stood strong in themiddle, his head high, he peered over the cloud of energy. It darkened from thedeep blue to an obsidian black and proved to be ready. The professor raised hisarms, slow and steady. He whispered one word of encouragement, “falbh,”, ‘go’.The magic swam above the two interlinked circles of adepts, and out the window.Passed through the glass easily as if made of nothing but air, the thaumaturgy cracklingcloud showed no hesitation before releasing its energy. Rain poured over thefields and promised foliage to grow once more.

The class broke into cheers andcries of excitement, the smaller adepts fell onto their bottoms as their energyhad been completely spent. The fair faced adept that had earlier doubted thepower of the chant, smiled broad and stood strong. The power was still strongin her, snapping at her wrists and falling reluctantly back to the earth.

“Excellent work,” Wizard addressedthe whole class but matched the gaze only that particular adept. “Tomorrow, theseminary field will yield wonderous fruits.” A silent snap of his fingers addeda spark of growth power to the down pour of the black cloud. Its color fadedback to the astral blue as the energy expended over the newly fertilized field.The seminary field had been planted by the neophytes but it was up to theseapprentice adepts to compel the fields to grow with such energy raining clouds.Wizard wanted to be sure it offered something sweet tomorrow, to truly rewardhis adepts. The simple snap had told the field to produce at least two dozenstrawberries by next morning and he bid his students a due.

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