Witch vs Wizard Chapter 3/5

“I appeal to you, my husband,” Witch placed her hands on either side of Wizard’s face and stared into his eyes. Hours had passed with not a word shared between the two and Witch knew this was her last option, “Let us request a spell from Master Mage.”

“It is forbidden, and such a spell, my love, requires a mighty offer.”

“Our abode is large, he may be content with this as an offer,” placed her head on his shoulder. Witch pined deeply for him to agree. She had pondered on this for some time but dreaded requesting it of him. Knowing he would reject her this possibility.

                Wizard shook his head, “he will deny. He is gratified in his own chamber, he has yet to accept such a trivial offer from anyone, what would make our abode so different? There is nothing special about it.”

                “Our friendly, he is the protector of the abode. It would make sense for him to be offered as well?” Witch willed her husband to release the friendly, Serpent, with the abode. The albino python that kept their home safe and kept Witch company on the long-lit hours of the days when Wizard taught at the seminary.

Wizard dismissed her suggestion with a wave of his hand., “no, there are fellow professors that offered Ley Line artifacts for an infant and still denied. You are well aware that the balance of living beings has been nearly expended and can hardly offer infants any longer. The balance of energy on Earth has tipped and that has stopped natural infant births. Imperial Sultan is the one to decide, he is selective of who can heir now.”

She blinked but refused new tears to appear. Wizard ran his finger down her peach hue cheek.

“My love…” his words were stopped short when Witch planted her lips on his. She loved him so deep it melted even the worst depression away. Her thought of the infant faded momentarily as she pressed her body against his. Wizard rolled his hand down her soft neck, electrifying the skin under his finger tips. Pressed firm as his hand reached her bosom, an erotic groan passed between their lips.

 Wizard pulled her petite body tight against his own, “my beautiful wife.” He whispered the words between passionate caresses, the kissing grew fiercer as his need for her increased.

                Witch planted her body to her husband, his arms strong around her. She pulled back to face him, “I have more to give,” she ran her hands through her hair. Electrified with the erotic increase in the air, it turned from the charcoal solid black to the color of a lover’s rose. A passionate pink of the impossible cactus flower. The color washed through as if painted by her expert hands. Started at the roots, moved to the tips and her Hair Embelance sparkled when she wanted it to. Endued within her was the power from her generational ancestry. The charged strands nestled on the small of her back, just above the curve of her buttocks.  

Illuminated to prove how powerful the Hair Embelance could be, Witch shook her head a simple swift motion and the hair swam to a pure serenity of gold. Wizard lifted the golden silk strands to his own face, his wife’s scent was that of heaven. Angelic and full of promise.

                “You cannot give this,” Wizard spoke passionately, caught in the moment of love.

“I could, my love. Master Mage would accept,” her words a soft coo in his ear. Witch tried to appeal to her husband in his moment of passion.

“No,” he pulled himself out of her scent, it had masked what she said. “I command you to not offer your Hair Embelance.” His words firm, he dropped his hands from her body. To prove his resolve.

Witch stepped back and turned abruptly. Her hand at the nape of her neck and swam the golden hair back to black. Her body encased in the shell of charcoal once more.

                “You do not command me, wizard.” She snapped the word, not addressed as his name with power but as his sex orientation being basic as wizard. “I will offer what I will.”

“I have forbidden it,” Wizard replied, shocked that she would consider to challenge him.

“An infant will be mine and if you refute me, I will find another wizard.”

“You threaten me! Witch, this is my abode, you will not defy me, you will not offer your hereditary enchantment. Hair Embelance is not to be offered.” His voice grew louder with each syllable in his speech. Anger was his, this time, it grew his form larger and he began to tower over Witch. A show of his power in the abode with his renewed energy as he pulled it out of the Earth, as Witch had done hours before.

“This may be your abode, but this is my body,” and with that Witch translocated herself out of sight of Wizard.

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