In The Beginning- Formally Brave Poetry Collection 1/10

Born to a normal couple.

Middle class, Caucasian, well educated.

Baby seizures causing meningitis scare.

Toddler running, no worry to look ahead.

Child jumping, breaks ice crusts on puddles. No question of depth.

Adolescent, lonely. Short story writing to find her friends.

Pre-teen hitch hiking, chain smoking and drug dabbling.

Teenager learning she’s pregnant.

Young adult falling to addiction.

Fighting, failing. Then, suddenly: winning.

Friend pretending, nodding but memories are pliable. Truth is dispensable.

Woman refusing. No chin dropping or palm lifting.

Mother missing milestones, refusing to ever blink again.

Adult. Dressing like normal. Bill paying like normal.

Union worker clocking in, like normal.

Medical professional, hair in bun, like normal.

Grandmother, buying gifts like normal.

Citizen, volunteering like normal.

Human. Living like normal.

Yet, she is anything but normal.

She is Norma.

Norma Rrae.

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