My Pink Tree- Formally Brave Poetry Collection 4/10

My love, do you remember?

Do you remember when we came together?

Two broken families, four children all different soils.

We planted a clipping. The beginning of our blended tree.

Close attention, lots of water and food. Plants like to be spoken to.

Especially when so vulnerable and new. Words are love.

Young, the sapling needed only warmth from our sun. Our Love.

However, no matter the attempts.

Hard elements came and came again. Breaking flimsy branches, ripping delicate leaves.

New love is the most impacted. Time is needed for roots to dig deep.

Some elements strike fast. More so than anticipated.

Hit hard by wind, rain, sleet and snow.

Those elements threatened our twisted branches to break apart.

Somehow, our sapling proved to be more tenacious.

Shielded from rain. Supported from sleet. Hidden from snow and blocked from wind.

Angry elements, poisoning ours roots with lies.

Somehow, our sapling survived. Persisted to grow.

Becoming what no one expected. A pink tree.

Twisted yet strong, gnarly and also perfect. Impossibly pink the blossoms were fragrant.

Then, suddenly you uprooted it. No longer enough to be pink. It had to be purple too.

A seed of doubt, had been planted in you.


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