An Emotional Thesaurus- Formally Brave Poetry Collection 5/10

Confidence noun: brave now, 1100 miles from my mistakes. I’m a new person, that’s in the past.

Anxiety noun: cripples me most days, caused by memories of addiction and the death it cast.

Rage verb:  blame no one, but myself, the last to visit my ailing grandfather? My sick ass.

Remorse noun: feeling was non-existent at that time and he fell ill. Help? Too high to be asked.

Satisfaction noun: of saying goodbye? Simply bypassed.

Adoration verb: Now, a writer’s group, local authors. Professional editors. Finding the narrative tasked.

Confused adjective: sitting across the table, a grey-faced man. Similarities, held fast,

Denial noun: to my grandfather. How strange, and yet, this man. Doesn’t accept me. I’m an outcast.

Agitation noun: he never says hello, my grandfather’s doppelganger. His attitude: irritatingly sassed.

Conflicting adjective: one night, he turns and says, “I had a thought of you,” never would’ve guessed.

Surprise verb: “that you’ll be a famous author.” His words heard barely, just a whisper above the rest.

Amazement noun: smiling, he turns back. Pretending as if those words had never been broadcast.

Forgiveness noun: Is what I grant myself, as I accept the compliment to be of my grandfather’s. At last.


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