Not sure if you guys have noticed yet, but I am not a typical blogger. I don’t spam your feed with random quotes, reposts from someone that actually cares or holiday wishes.

This is one I will wish.

Happy 420 day. It’s legal in Canada now and I have found a new love and connection to my childhood that has opened a whole new avenue of memories. Happier ones, innocenter ones.

Who says writers can’t make up words.

Anyway, the photo attached is a screen shot of a beautiful rain forest video posted on GoogleEarth on Facebook. I thought it was beautiful, the sounds and easy slight sway of the tree tops from the silent breeze. The animals, the birds. Natural roots, our lineage. Our creator- Earth.

I also recently found the true story of 420. I found it intriguing. This may be one story I had no clue as to what it could have been until I read it. Thanks to Twisted Extracts (on Instagram).


It was early 70’s (1971 to be exact), a punky group of high school kids self dubbed, “The Waldos” in California. These kids coined the annotation to 420. It was a term used when they formulated a plan to seek out an abandoned cannabis crop. The treasure map had been drawn by their bud dealer.

Meeting after school, The Waldos made a regular arrival time of 4:20 after the short hike to their meeting place. The plan turned into the “420 scheme”.

Many failed attempts and years pass. The magazine, High Times, wrote the kids story and it took. They made the term mainstream. Cult classic. The rest is history.

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