Purple of the Rainbow- Formally Brave Poetry Collection 8/10

You don’t see the purple of a rainbow often.

It’s a shade that you cannot discern.

Blending in with the green and the blue.

Just as the addict blends into concrete they sit on.

A pigment hidden from most; ignored by the rest.

Forgotten like the red of first love.

Dimmed by an orange on your face’s wonder flush.

A shadow that looms over the yellow of brightest days.

Faded green of the nurture that first grew you up.

Only the blue of your deepest tears show bold.

But the purple…

The purple is the color of failed attempts.

The purple of shame, starting back on day 1, too many times.

The purple of the papers as they took your son away.

Saying you won’t get clean.

You won’t hold his hand.

You won’t be normal again.

And you do.

And you do.

And you do.

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