My Drawing Journey

It started with looking from line to line of Odie in an old Garfield comic book I had. I drew Precious Moments from coloring books and Little Mermaid from Disney books. I can’t draw. I can mimic and duplicate and seek reference points when drawing my own characters.

When I queried a serial story to the local newspaper, a request came back that intrigued me strangely. ‘Do you know anyone that could draw a comic for your story,’ or something, don’t quote me. I’m not a journalist, I’m a writer. Half my words are fictional, made up or otherwise not a word at all.

I began to look up characters for inspiration through Pintrest and soon found that I could build characters and scenes easily with the vast offerings of ‘how to draw.’

Anyway, I learnt quickly that instead of trying to copy from one hand drawn picture to another (through a glass pane door) I would just photocopy the pictures. So I pulled out my crappy printer (that I was trying to sell for $20) and I get my pennies worth from it now!

Here’s an original to a finished (prescanned) drawing of my first favorite comic, Mother Ma and Mom.

Have you read my Not Me novel? Are you following Temerarious Tabias’ adventure?

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