20 stories, 20 days, 20 weeks

I figured out my next online post.

Or posts I should say for this one.

I struggle to call it blogging. I like the word serial, for weekly stories. Let’s go with- I’m going to write and post 20 serials.

No particular genre.

No rewrites.

No major plot, character or tone change after initial write. I’ll post as is.

And I’ll try my best to not duplicate characters but I’m not perfect and it’s a short time period.

Yes edits but again, I’m not perfect.

Basically I’m going to write a short story a day for twenty days. Writing with whatever inspired me that day.

And yes by the time I’m done typing this post, I’ve finished my first serial no. 1- Julia.

Long or short stories, no word restrictions. I’m not gonna make it stupid hard for myself πŸ˜‰ But not too short for my followers.

I promise that I’ll reserve my one sentence story for a particularly bad day.

Serials will be posted weekly, on Saturday. I started today and will finish on the 19th of sept.

Serial no. Julia scheduled to post Sept 7th, serial no. 2 due then on Sept 14th. That’s where the 20 weeks comes in, btw 🀣😝 it might take me the next 20 days to do writing, but it’ll take you 140 days for to do the reading πŸ˜›

And yes, I still remove work from my website.

Just keeping things trim around here 😊☺️

Til next time, bye

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