Serial no. 2- Julia

Serial no 2. Julia

As a student in university, Julia is committed. But in Professor Cage’s lecture hall, she’s distracted. He’s less than a handful of years older than herself, with smooth caramel skin cut into stunning muscles. Even at such a young age, Professor Cage already has grey streaks in his beard. The sides of his head are skinned, and his hair slicked back professionally. It seems anyways.

In class she was instructed to write a story for her English final. It should be soulful, thought provoking, and at least one fresh idea.

All Julia can think about, is Professor Cage marking her exam, naked. Her daydreaming of him spun her pen towards a story of eroticism which might not pan so well. It felt right, regardless.

‘His palm rolled over the small of my back, his fingertip pulling taught on my panty band.’

Julia walked away from her computer to get her mind back on track. She sat on her back deck with a book and settled down into her zero-gravity chair.

Maybe if she read someone else’s writing, it would inspire something more than just smut. It was a brand-new book and an author she had never read before. Cracking the cover open, she inhaled the fresh book scent (just like new car smell.)

Julia allowed her mind to bury itself in the story and was not disappointed when it turned just as steamy as her thoughts for Professor Cage. His ice-blue eyes, strong jawline, shirt sleeves rolled to show off perfect.

The type of man that would whisper, ‘your skin is so soft,’ between mouthfuls of tasting you. She closed the book, it was useless. Julia went back to complete the story. There was no point trying to direct it any other way. He aroused her even without him being there. The way he looked at her, the way he sauntered across the front of the lecture hall. It was all so, gorgeous.

Julia flew through creating her story, having a classic fall in love/heartbreak/make up tale. She tried her hardest to not describe Professor Cage to a T, but his strong hands were all she imagined. How his fingers might feel. How his teeth might tease her nipples.

Julia grunted at her own exasperation, she felt like a cat in heat! She closed her laptop, project done. Not even care if she got a failing mark for writing a smut story for an English Bachelor. All she wanted now was sleep, and her favorite professor to join her in the wetness of her dreams.


The bell rang, and the class headed down the stairs toward Professor Cage. He was standing, half leaning against the pedestal he often spoke at. His stance caused his pants to bunch to one side, and disclose a hefty shape to the other. Julia demanded her eyes stay up as she drew closer to him.

She could have sworn his eyes stayed on hers the whole time as well. The students were placing their papers in a neat stack on top of his desk as Julia drew to the front of the line, her heart began pounding erratically.

How school girl silly of her. Professor Cage grinned as her paper met the top of the pile, his teeth perfect pearly white.

“I’m not sure it’s any good,” Julia muttered before preparing to dash out the door in embarrassment.

His hand on top of hers stopped her quick escape. She looked up to his deep blue eyes, “I’m sure it’s just perfect.” He gave her hand a squeeze, and Julia melted into the pile of papers.

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