Serial no.11 The BandAde

Cleo is a beautiful girl yet she compares herself to the girls in movies, magazines and social media. She can’t help but feel less than acceptable. She never had the money to buy the latest fashions and fellow classmates made fun of her strawberry blonde hair.

She babysat evenings and weekends to save enough money for the newest BandAde patch. All her friends had them. Making Cleo look even worse, she was the grumpy bag lady.

She was never enough. Not pretty enough, not smart enough, too tall, too chunky. Without the BandAde, most girls stayed single. They didn’t appeal enough to the modern day man.

The patch was expensive but the stamp cost just a buck to put the company addressed envelop of cash into the mail.

When the patch arrived it was in a bright yellow box.

The instructions were easy:

Apply patch in discreet location as some local irritation can occur. Wear for maximum three days. Remove patch and wash same area well with soap and water.

You should rotate patch locations.

Expect to look vastly different within the first twelve hours. It is not recommended for first time users to apply patch before work. Although every single outcome has been absolute beauty, it can be frightening to other humans in presence.

Your hair will be perfect. Lips, eyebrows, lashes, nose will be stunning. Think of the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen, that will be your face. Angelic. Exact. Perfect.

Your attitude with be affected. Memory loss is an extreme in this time period. You basically won’t even be yourself. You won’t say the same jokes. You won’t smile, blink or wink the same. Just forget who you are because the person on the other side of the patch, isn’t you in any way but flesh.


Call doctor immediately if signs of lingering irritation, chest pain, shortness of breathe, hair loss, large boils or any other minor ailment associated with BandAde patch. If heart attack or other spontaneous death, go to local hospital immediately.

Cleo tore into the wrapping, blinked at her face in the mirror and stuck the patch on her belly.

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