Serial no.12 Bad Dreams

Josh cut the eggs and toast, allowing the syrup to mix with the runny yellow yolk and drip over the edge. His mouth watered at the divine sight.

And for some reason, it tasted even better through the mouth of his wife.

Josh was living her memory through his dream.

Which she no doubt was living one of his fond memories in her dream as the happily married couple cuddled and snored together in their Californian King bed.

It made Josh love and appreciate Molly more. An optional add-on that they had both agreed would be beneficial when they joined their lives together in marriage. It cost a pretty penny but was well worth the ability to truly walk in the other’s shoes.

It ended conflict quickly, it opened fantasy doors that were too embarrassing to talk about and blossomed their superficial conversations into in-depth, meaningful talks. Their trust in each other never wavier since they knew 100% about each other.

Josh woke from the sweetness of Molly’s breakfast memory dream. He secretly hoped tonight’s dream would be a memory of her touching herself, those were hot visuals!

During their real breakfast, Josh hinted at such a thought to his beautiful wife, and he merely winked, replying, “we’ll just see what your dreams bring you tonight.”

At work, Josh had troubling concentrating, he had to relief the anticipation pressure several times in the private washroom. He thought of her fingers around her own nipple as her delicate hand traveled down her skirt brim. Through her orgasmic dreams, Josh would experience an orgasm different of his own. The last time he rubbed one off before the end of the day, he stood the full monty in front of the mirror to give Molly her own show tonight.

Dinner was delicious but not as appetizing as the pre-sleep sex they enjoyed. The sheets were damp with their sweat as they drifted off to dreamland together. Josh held her tight in his arms as the lovers slept.

Josh opened his eyes as Molly. He sat in the passenger seat behind her eyes as she changed into lingerie. He was seeing her just before they had made love. She kept her eyes down and rolled her palms over the naked curves of her body as she slid her panties down. Molly’s brassiere fell to the ground, and she licked her fingers just as a door slammed shut.

The memory shifted then faded, and suddenly Josh was standing in the procedure room he recalled from before. It was where they had gone to have the memory/dream share process done after the wedding. But now he was standing in a separate room, as Molly.

Just as Josh was about to wake himself from the boring dream, he heard a male voice. Molly turned, and Josh listened.

“Yes ma’am, this upgrade means you can delete all memories you wouldn’t want your husband to see. So your dirty affairs would never be caught.”

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