Serial no. 13 Earth. Birth.

Have you ever thought of why we naturally sleep at night? Are we possibly all a piece of Mother Earth’s soul. Just as the sun goes down, so do our bodies need to lie down. To sleep in unison from house to house and as our spirits drift off, they add to the energy of the earth. It feeds on our dreams and navigates through our nightmares with us. Adding to the power that is our earth.

Why is it that as our human population grow, Mother Earth’s trees decline. As if the number of souls allowed in the world has to be in balance. Animals going extinct as people live longer each generation. New creatures being discovered as people struggle to plant enough trees to replace the ones they cut down.

Cows facing the same direction, witches pull power from the same direction, and magnets pull from the same direction.

How we sense another’s presence, pain or pleasure with not a word was spoken.

We never have the pleasure of fearing our birth even when those can be so traumatic some end in disability or even death. Yet we live our lives with the fear of death even when it’s just as natural as birth. Just as unpredictable and beautiful. For every death in the family, it is typically followed by several births and new generations building.

The basic viral infections we began with, the killing diseases we fell from. Produced by Mother Earth, defeated by human medical advancements. Leading to superbugs and viruses that can no longer be beaten by injections man-made. As we become too big, they also become too strong.

There’s more at works than what we think. Different cultures call it different things. I call it a soul. One that we share with every living thing in the world. One that we are hurting and slowing destroying. All damage can be fixed, taken back if we try.

So, let’s be kind. Let’s rewind.

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