Serial no 14 Sony

I’m so tired, but sleep evades me. It’s too bright in my room and no matter the people that come the lights stay on. I use my long black hair to create my own night.

I’m a man with hair that makes most women envious. Except Janice, I don’t think she would be jealous at all.

She makes me angry, stabbing me, and hitting me with sticks.

I don’t care if I hallucinate, at least then I have entertainment.

Not the shadow snakes though, they bite. Janice’s pens bite too. They’ve drawn blood the annoying bitch. Not worse than falling forever though I might add.

I move from my bed to the floor and sit criss cross apple sauce. I have no windows or bed sheets. They apparently think I’ll strangle myself. One heavy blanket, too pillowy to hang yourself. I mean, I might, it’s my life to choose.

I blow a loose strand of hair from use my face. The shadows pull from the bottom of the door. The blackness birthing my dark friends. They come in hordes, crawling on my body. Shading my arms and legs as dark as hair.

I laugh, the voice echoing back my tone. It’s harmonious, it’s my own, to do with as I wish.

I yell until the door opens, Janice walks in. Irritated as usual, pen ready. I command my shadows to over take her but they don’t obey. Janice steps closer, her pen ready to bite me. To put me to sleep most likely.

The snake shadows appear and finally listen to what I demand of them. They crawl over Janice’s body, covering the needle, puncturing her flesh with their teeth. Blood pools at her feet. My laughter makes their attacks more ferocious. They wrap around her neck and squeeze until her blue eyes turn black. She disintegrates into the shadows.

Now, I’m content.

Another day, done.

I hardly notice the bite from Janice’s needle, but the ground kisses my cheek quickly.

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