Serial no 16 Steak House

I nearly died last night when we went for dinner. It was at the Keg and I ordered the steak and lobster- duh. My steak was medium rare, so ducking juicy I can’t even describe. Melted like butter on my tongue. I often have a bad habit of putting too much food in my mouth. A piece, too large to start. And of course, it got stuck in my throat. I literally was too embarrassed to react. I sat quietly and choked. I couldn’t breathe and the steak bite suffocated me as I silently sat at the dinner table. Everyone was talking, no one noticed as my face burnt with heat. My lungs stung trying to gasp some oxygen through a crocked smile that I forced to stay painted on my lips. I was sure I would die in a mouth dropping slump. Slide back in my chair and die. Silently.With a too large of steak chunk wedged in my throat. But of course, I didn’t die. Cuz here I am telling the story.

Fucking steakhouse.

Almost ate me. Like a gingerbread house. But this ones not edible either.

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