Serial no 19. Jewelry

“Jewel Stephani. She’s the youngest defense lawyer in the state of Wyoming. Beautiful and smart, all the judges respect this woman. Jewel was born Jalunia Scarpetta Stephani. She’s tall with long blonde hair that she cuts and donates every year. Rare green eyes with a pin strip of hazel weaved between the emerald lines of her left iris. Journalists called them, ‘brown like rich coffee beans on a Sunday beach morning.’

“That’s not why I chose to do my project on Jewel Stephani though, I mean, her outfits are pretty wicked,” Katie giggled as she read her school report to the class. ‘The lawyer would be reported to wear low cut tops and too tall boots into the trial room.”

The teacher, Mr. Lee, tapped his pen irritated as he watched the clock. Two hundred words can get away from eighth-graders pretty quick. Katie’s one-minute speech had already stretched an extra thirty seconds. He couldn’t stop her mid-sentence, parents have return to complain of that.into sixty seconds too long. He cleared his throat to distract the snickering and motioned for Katie to continue reading from her cue cards.

“I chose Jewel because she was determined and worked hard to become a successful lawyer. Jewel is truly an entrepreneur of our time,” Katie sounded out each syllable to not mess up the larger words. It’s one thing having the peers laugh with her. It would be a completely different experience if they were laughing at Katie’s tongue tie. English was not her strong point, she preferred graphic novels or comic books.

“Jewel won’t let anything persuade her from her goal. Her catchphrase is ‘just keep trucking,’ She showed that beauty can be found anywhere. Even in scumbags that should rot in jail can be won non-guilty verdicts.” Katie’s tone turned dark, “Jewel Stephani was victorious with a flick of her hair and wink of her lashes,” Katie snarled the last sentence.

Mr. Lee choked on his coffee and nearly dropped his cup. Katie continued, “In losers too, like my father that got off scot-free, once again. With lawyers like Jewel. The fucktwad is back out holding up corner stores again. Embarrassing the shit out of me!”

The bell rang. Katie crumpled up her cue cards and dumped them in the trash on her way out of class.

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