Serial no. 20 Oh Baby

Serial no 12 Oh Baby

I walk through the grocery store and strut. Swaying my hips elegantly back and forth. Thinking, projecting my thoughts to the gorgeous man behind me. Then suddenly, I feel I’m guessing his thoughts. Seeing through his eyes as he watches my ass sway. My skinny waist and breasts show a quick side glimpse as I reach for the box of Lucky Charms off the shelf.

Then I continue my strut. This is how I play his thoughts in my mind,

‘Oh baby, the things I would do to you. I wanna come all over you. I want my tongue from your mouth to your toes.’

That’s about the time I arrive at the milk cooler, he strides up next to me and smiles. Not a smile like I want to fuck you, but a smile like I’m a kind gentleman and being nice by smiling at a pretty lady.

Wow, I’m so dirty. I think about sex all day. Like Korn. A.D.I.D.A.S.

I put the words in his mouth, between those auburn lips surrounded by chocolate stubble,

‘Grinding my hard parts on the heart shape of your ass, licking my tongue along your backside. Up to your ear, I breathe hot and kiss the sensitive side of your lobe. Your panties will slide easily down as I ready myself.’

God, I think I just grew wet standing next to him. I close the fridge door and walk away with my jug of milk. Picturing him mounting me, I nearly groan as I approach the checkout. It’s a bad thing to be single sometimes.

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