Serial Round Up- End Game

I’ve learned a few things from this chore I put on myself.

It’s hard to be creative when you’re hungry, tired, sad, hormonal and otherwise mentally disturbed. On good writing days, a story could blossom quickly. On the above said days, I would choose to not write on those days but by giving myself this goal (one story a day for 20 days), I found it forced out stories even in my most miserable state. Maybe those were the best stories?

Nearly a quarter of the stories I wrote ended up being only a sentence on that date, so I had to bulk them up before posting. That seemed harder than I thought. The idea that seemed terrific on that day would fade and turn to mush.

I found it hard to not duplicate ideas, sometimes the story stuck in my mind so strong that it carried through to multiple stories, which I didn’t realize until going back at edit.

I also learned that not only am I dyslexic (my stories jumped from no.10 to no.14, then no. 17 and so on) but also that I have trouble writing in only one medium. I ended up with several stories drafted on my website, in word files on my laptop or spread throughout numerous notebooks. I also had a couple in the notes section of my iPhone that was only the title.

Here are some truths and findings of my daily story writing vs. weekly blog posting of it:

Truth – I posted one story a whole day late and didn’t admit to it. Truth- I wrote one story from a hybrid of an old short I had because I had absolutely nothing else ready and ran out of time for my Saturday post. Truth – I hate editing. I’d pay anyone else every day to edit for me. Truth- I ended up writing 23 stories because I messed up on the serial numbers so severely, but I still only posted 20. Mainly because some just weren’t up to my par. Lesson- apparently Sunday is a better day to post, my views were much higher that way. And future postings, I’ll be running my Temerarious Tabias stories weekly here now. It will give me time to focus on my WIP, Indiscernible, and more time towards querying agents.

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