500/11 = 45.454545454545454545454545454545454545

Tabias is

Eating a muffin, dreaming it was chocolate chip and not bland bran.

Mom’s face is disgusted, from Tabias’ sneeze and comment, “dangers of sneezing while eating.”

Everyone needs to release once in a blue moon.” Tabias defended.

Right, but not with food in their mouths,” Mom retorted,

And spits food all over the dashboard.”

Roger,” Tabias confirmed and stuffed another mouthful in.

In that being said, the chewed food, down the dash it ran.

Onto school property, Mom turned the van.

Undid his jacket, as the sun shone and he worked on a tan.

Soon, it will be home time. Goodbye, until then!

Footnote- Tabias stories were aimed to be 500 words, is what the 500 divivded by 11 is, math nerd for life

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