Extra February Day

February 29th, of all days

Did you know the original calendar of the Romans back in like year 78 or some crazy year number like that, only had ten months? And granted their year was only 304 days because they just decided for 61 days out of the year, they were nonexistent. Or maybe hibernating. Who knows?

Anyway, the point is that if we kept those ten months and divided that evenly into 365, we would still get more consistent months throughout the year.

I’m sure it would fuck our seasons up beyond anything else, but where I live (as far north as the highway goes), we only have two seasons — Winter and Mud season.

So, then you could take that odd number, 36.5 (less unusual than 31 I would think, but that’s my opinion) and separate it beautifully between 5 months of 36 days and five months of 37 days.

But no.

Instead we get 30,31,28 and 29!

The vast majority of people don’t even know what month is what number until the calendar opens up. I, for one, was that person until my daughter taught me the good old knuckle trick. If you know it, you know it.

But then comes February. That everyone knows, not only because it’s the month of forced love and affection where men are expected to bend a knee and women look top ten.

Every single person in western civilization knows February has 28 days. Its an anomaly. No, its math because they decided to add January and February. 

They even ignored the fact that February was the only month with days stolen to accommodate Julius and his month of July. They are then becoming the two most significant months of the year. A tradition carried forward to become the most significant party months of the beach year.

So, February suffers another kick, and then to tip the scales, it gets an additional day every four years. Because as we got smarter, we learned from our roman ancestors that days do matter. You can’t just ignore 61 days out of the year, nor can you ignore the season changes. But as we learned, the solar year has a significant influence on our planet. Therefore, the month of great neglect received a strange extra number of 29 every four years. To be sure, our crops never move into the Christmas tree season.

Let’s not neglect the fact the spelling screws, everyone. Febuary.

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