Temerarious Tabias- SPY-ING

Spy- Ing

After being trained as a Sun Hang Do master for karate, Tabias was offered the job properly by a trash can man. Even before Sister had attempted to rip off the gig, Tabias had known about the organization.

The Trash Can Men, a secret organization built with black belt trained tae kwon do masters and Sun Hang Do black belts and other well-trained men. Keeping the safety of citizens, one trash can at a time.

He accepted with jumping beans in his feet. He was instructed to continue karate class as usual and collect data in hopes of finding the trash can man’s arch-enemy, Turtle.

It wasn’t a turtle but a man named Turtle. Tabias told nothing of how Turtle looked. He just had to assist, and they needed help.

Tabias worked triple time to memorize the moves, practicing self-defense and investigating other students in the class.

The karate teacher, Grand Master Slay, had a blue mohawk. He explained the moves, Tabias questioned the white belt students.

The newbs that acted most suspicious. 

“Hey, why you here?” he asked the boy with red hair. He was overweight and losing the battle of keeping up with the instructor. The sweat dripping down his round red cheeks was stained red from the cheap dye.

“Mom says I can’t play video games all summer.” He puffed out between kicks.

Grand Master Slay yelled a command in Chinese then appeared before Tabias, “do you want to demonstrate?”

This was it, Tabias had to beat down the karate teacher before Turtle got away. The red-haired boy couldn’t be Turtle, and he was much too slow.

“White belts. Back row. Straight line and silent.” Slay commanded. Everyone obeyed except one. A poke of green showed beneath his long-sleeved white top, and his white starched pants looked too tight with the thunder of thighs he had. His back was rounded and robust.

The belt knot was tied incorrectly, and as soon as Tabias met the boy’s glance, he looked away. Tabias stepped toward the boy with the spark of green, but Slay phased between the two boys. Forget the red-haired boy that was nearly passing out on the floor beside the stand dummy. A girl next to him landed her round kick on the boy’s tummy, and the class burst out in laughter as the fat boys squeal.

Slay karate chopped, Tabias blocked it. The teacher then put his knee behind Tabias’ leg to knock him down, but Tabias did a triple air jump over the teacher. By the time he landed, the green spark boy was gone.

Tabias growled and stomped away from the class to report the unfortunate news to the trash can. The lid lifted. The man took the story, and the class ended.

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