Tabias Meets and Teas Slenderman

It is incredible the people you meet when you don’t realize who they are. Famous people before their spotlight. You could be the influence of the next Janis Joplin.

Or for Tabias, SlenderMan.

How was he to know who the kid would end up being center Nor did he imagine who Stender mand would become? He swears they played army men. Hundreds of the little green plastic men hidden around the house. Battle formations and planks for defense.

Grandfather once swore he met Louis Vuitton, but when asked who the wild that was, the old man went on to talk about an old fox of a woman at the senior center. It’s smacked his head.

Tabias knew no other than SlenderMan to call for information. He had to learn how to survive the three hours at St Georges. A million bucks? That was a lot of zeros that? Couldn’t count and didn’t care to count.

The only way to call SlenderMan was to go to the forest, and thankfully there was lots of that on the bus ride to Dorothy’s house. Tabias didn’t even blink when they were dropped off miles from her.

“I’m sure he’ll get us home, too, right?” Tabias shrugged, remembering the guy when he was in diapers was too much. He had been younger than Tabiasolder man, but the kid could imagine the best of battles. So the title fits him well enough.

The kid laughed, “You want to stay there, how long? Three hours is torture when you step foot in that house.”

Tabias stopped his deformed friend, the innocence of the boy gone. He didn’t want to hear how horrible it was, and the money would be worth it. He would even offer Sister another swimming lesson. Courtesy of her brother. “I just need to know how to outlast St Geroge.”

“It’s not the old man ghost I’d be worried about. It’s the young workers that died in the cave in.”

“Who’s that?” Tabias stuttered as the clouds overhead passed, and the sun came. SlenderMan was gone. Dorothy squeezed his hand.

“We can do this together.” The sunset behind them as they walked up to the driveway. A long scream hung over the destroyed house.

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