Temerarious Tabias- Turtle


Inga was Turtle, as mush as Dr. Jekyll as Mr. Hyde. Tabias wasn’t sure if Inga knew that she was Turtle, but he returned to the library to question her.

Without her shirt pulled over her piggy tale horns, she was a normal girl. “I sort the books Tabias, and I don’t mastermind any plan.

But once Tabias turned to leave, the low squeak voice returned, “I’m the library’s brain. Keeper of knowledge. You cannot spy on people here.” Inga had turned back into Turtle. She held a library card out to him (which he recalled was full of lousy time bombs), so he turned on his heel and ran.

“You must sign up first!” she hollered, but he refused to turn around.

“I will never accept your poison card; all I want is good books and a kind librarian.” Tabias pulled a giant book from the shelf and threw it behind him. The book makes a connection with her head, and Tabias heard a thump as she hit the ground. The library card rolled away from her, and he put it in his pocket to examine with The Trash Can men. Inga appeared around the corner, “what’s happening here?”

“What?” Tabias’ jaw dropped, “but your Turtle? Aren’t you?”

“Tabias. You’re making a mess of my shelves. Now come on, help me clean up these books.” Inga walked past him to where Tabias had seen the turtle fall, but there was no one there! Inga was Turtle. Tabias knew it now but didn’t have the back up to fight her. He would have to return.

“I don’t…” Tabias shook his head, and Step Mother appeared at the end of the shelves.

“Tabias, come on. Sister has her library card and books ready,” she called, motioning that it was time to leave. Sister stood grinning, poison card in hand.

Tabias shrugged, “some people can keep them, I guess.”

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