Temerarious Tabias- Trash Can Men

Trash Can Men

Tabias walked down the hallways at school, kicking every trash can until one screeched back.

“Oi, boy! What are you doing there?” Teacher Bal hollered, “it’s recess time. Go on, outside with you.”

“But it’s minus twenty outside,” Tabias retorted.

“Bet you wish you brought a better jacket now, don’t ya?” she remarked, dredging up memories of fighting with Teacher Bal about appropriate jackets for kids’ vs. suitable jackets for adults.

Tabias grumbled and made his way to the front doors, and the trees were bare of leaves, the kids huddled in groups beneath play structures and not a creature moved. Tabias looked behind him and was relieved to see Teacher Bal had returned to her cozy teacher lounge.

Tabias ran back to the garbage can that had made a sound, whipped the lid open, and dove. He was in luck! This can then dumped him into a plastic slide that he traveled down, and lights grew brighter as he slid faster, and before he could doubt his decision, he landed softly in a bucket full of pudding.

Chocolate pudding. Tabias opened his mouth and enjoyed the sweet treat.

“Oi, boy! What are you doing there?” The Trash Can Men appeared, and one unusually large man glared at Tabias.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just slid down; I need to show you something. It’s about the librarian and Turtle.” Tabias clambered out of pudding bucket. “sure, is nice landing in the pudding, I tell you what.”

The large trash can man produced a spoon from his back pocket, “you weren’t supposed to land in the pudding. That’s our supper!”

Before Tabias could apologize, another Trash Can Man grabbed his hand, “what about the turtle?” and he was chauffeured to a private meeting room.

“I’ve learned the true identity of Turtle. It’s Inga, the librarian’s helper. And they are working together producing poison bomb library cards to try and take over the city. They want everyone to stay at the library forever and never leave with a book again.” Tabias split out the information he had, but it was his educated guess he had put together. And that was quickly disbanded by the Trash Can Man.

“No, sir, the librarian is working with us to locate Turtle. Thank you for the intel, it is useful to know she charades as this Inga during the day. We will track her down and stop her from infusing the library cards with poison.” He patted Tabias on the head, his bear smiled, and the foxtail wagged happily.

“Good work, son,” The trash can man walked him to the exit, another slide that would take him out of their secret lair. “Now, next time you come to visit, please don’t land in our dinner.”

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