Flee Obscura Novel

A new online novel is beginning here soon. Possibly a week, maybe more? Tabias is still running on his last bit of schedule. It’s mainly holidays now that he’ll appear or other prearranged stories with dates connected. Long story short, Tabias is running and Flee Obscura chapters will be running together. And yes, I’ll keep everything live on the website until a couple weeks after the story finishes. Without looking back to exactly remember, I’m going to say this novel was 18-20 chapters.

I hope you guys enjoy this, and as always- please feel free to email your thoughts/comments/plot holes, to my email on the contact page.

I also forgot how much work it is sometimes just to find a picture to attach to each chapter. All pictures are my own originals.

Flee Obscura (full disclosure- I honestly didn’t know Obscura was something used in Harry Potter, pretty cool I think. It actually started off with the title of Flee Obscuration until my friend {and fellow author} suggested it. So it’s her fault.)

Victoria is an emotionally tormented mother, a failing wife, and a woman being stalked by a hideous monster. One that hides in the darkest corners of her mind.

Abram is too young to understand why his father works too much, or his mother cries even more. Divorce court puts Abe on the opposite side of a solid oak door where he can hear his mother yelling. But his young eyes can see her words too. They materialize, and he follows them into a dark plane, a black space obscured from light that is on another plane of existence. Here, he can watch his distressed mother with no one knowing.

When Victoria ends up in a mental hospital, Abe’s grandmother moves into the broken family home. Abe keeps Obscura a secret and uses it to check on his mentally ailing mother.

Time grows him into a strong teen boy, and he fine-tunes his ability to manipulate Obscura, but there is an energy in it as well. One that demands a penance paid when Abe forces Obscura to do his will.

When Abram’s grandmother falls to a heart attack at a local water slide park, he attempts to do the ultimate through Obscura. He attempts to restart her heart and save her life. The losing battle takes more from him than just his grandmother. The energy of Obscura strips a piece of him away, where fear and anxiety rush into the void.

In an attempt to fix a failed relationship, Abe is sent to spend time at his father’s house after his grandmother’s death. Abe visits his mother in the mental hospital through Obscura and pushes her harder than he ever has before. He pushes into her mind and clears cobwebs that had caused her such sadness.

With his mother suddenly clear of her mental ailment, Abe turns his teenage attention to his beautiful step sister. An inappropriate crush begins, and he uses Obscura to spy on her at night and learns a dark truth, she is suicidal. He attempts to stop her in the act, but the gun she had gone off anyway and his father is led to believe Abe tried to kill her in a fit of jealousy.

Sent to a juvenile institute, he feels Obscura has slipped from his vision. He can no longer hide in the dark spaces of Obscura. He can no longer use it to protect himself, but a more deep-seated fear takes over. The energy that strips Abe of his emotional being for using Obscura, now demands the last payment; Abe himself.

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