Temerarious Tabias- Parents Day

Parents Day

It was Grandfather’s idea; Grandmother helped, but it was Grandfather’s idea for Tabias to hide the plane tickets in his report card envelope.

A gift for Parent’s Day (coincidentally closer to Grandparents day) but a trip for all parents, step-parents, and adopted-family-friend-parents alike. A trip to Vancouver to spend a few days at PlayLand Theme Park.

That’s where Tabias decided to be the best kid he could. He didn’t argue about holding Sister’s hand. He didn’t complain when he stood in the lineup, waiting for cotton candy. The hot sun beating down on his thick bear hat while all the parents sat on a shady bench. He stood guard while Sister went to use the bathroom every fifteen minutes.

Tabias was doing the best any young boy could do. And when Sister insisted on going on baby rides, Tabias agreed to every single one.

Until the wooden rollercoaster lineup. That’s where Tabias drew the line. And it wasn’t because of how high it was, that was only a small deciding factor, it was because Sister wouldn’t stop whining. She wanted cotton candy, and she wanted Slurpees, she wanted stuffed animals. Specific ones, “no the big pink llamacorn at the back, behind the frog, not the one beside the frog!” She had screamed after Tabias spent the last of his snack money on arcade games.

But the rollercoaster line had a pretty girl in front of Tabias. He couldn’t do it any longer.

Sister was singing, “Tabias and cherry shirt girl, sittin’ in a tree. K-I-SS-Ing…” Tabais covered her mouth before the ‘ING’ part. He gave up on the one ride he wanted and drugged her to the furthest corner of the park, right in front of a haunted house.

“If you don’t stop that right now,” he growled and pointed at the dark building. Ghosts sound coming from the broken windows.

Sister gulped but stood straight, “okay, let’s do it.” Tabias smirked and let go of her. She swallowed hard and took two steps toward the haunted house. A slight hesitation as a bloody scream emitted from behind the crocked mirror.

“Watch out for biting rats,” Tabias mocked.

“There ain’t none.” Sister swayed as her feet took her closer to the dark entrance.

“No? Then how did that guy lose his eyeball?” A clown with an eye patch walked past.

“That’s,” gulp, “not real.” Sister’s piggy tails shook from nerves as she stepped into the haunted house.

“There you guys are!” Father hollered from the opposite side of the mini donut stand, “are we ready to go?”

Sister bounded from inside the haunted house to reappear back next to Tabias, grabbed his hand as if nothing ever happened, and said, yup.

“When’s Brother’s Day?” Tabias grumbled.

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