Temerarious Tabias- School Play

School Play- Independence Day

A creature appeared from the shadows. An off-white spider-like webbing covered the creature’s face. Tabias struggled against the ropes that had him tied in place. A sticky web held him to the wall.

“Your efforts are futile,” the Spider face creature growled. His arms and legs were long black tentacles. Spores adorned the limbs from his torso to his toes. With a twitch, he moved awkwardly toward Tabias.

“What do you want from me?” Tabias demanded, squirming to get free.

“I want the Earth. I want to wipe you out and take the Earth. I want the resources; air, water, minerals, plants. Even animals! They make great pets. I want it all,” his tentacles jolted as he burst into an evil laugh.

“But I can’t give you Earth! What help am I?” Tabias planned to keep him talking until he could wiggle his arms free of the silky white rope that held him.

“Oh, there’s a plan. It’s a grand plan!”

But his spidery white face fell silent for too long a moment. Tabias blinked, mesmerized by his dead pane face. A clock ticked in the distance.

“The plan?” Tabias questioned again.

“First, I will spread terror. It will create turmoil in major cities, then- as extraordinary events unfold and cause chaos world wide- I will become an unmatchable force. My magnitude with being unmatchable!”

Tabias struggled, pulling one hand free, but the sticky web behind him caught it just as quickly. He gasped, exasperated he wondered if he would run out of energy before his foe ran out of the plan to tell.

“What, what’s your mission?” Tabias stuttered as the sticky webbing seemed to grow around his free wrist. Slowly forming back into the rope and before he knew what happened, his wrists were retied from magic.

“Complete annihilation of your people!” Spider Face threw his eight arms into the air. He was offering the world to his evil.

“But, but you can’t kill our world,” Tabias got an ankle free this time. He kicked it wildly, but all too soon, the sticky rope returned.

“What makes you think I cannot kill your world?” His voice grew curious, a tone higher than the evil laugh he once had.

“Because our last hope is an unlikely collection of heroes! A scientist, air force pilot, president, and an old farmer.” Tabias jumped free from the ropes, Spider Face threw an arm around him, and they both bowed as the lights turned on. The gymnasium was full of parents and students.

The two boys bowed and smiled as the crowd applauded them for their play.

               As the curtain squealed across the old rusty wheels, the boys turned and exited the stage left.

Teacher Bal stood on the side with two bottles of water ready for them. She held them out and commented, “great playboys, too bad that’s not the independence day story I had meant.”

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