Second Ever Blog Post- My First video

I’ve got to tell you guys, I don’t enjoy recording myself and then watching it afterward. So no lie, I’ve watched this video once. Maybe twice.

But anyway, here it is, my video of talking about writing. Whatever kind of came to my mind as I babbled for five minutes LOL I did do one trial, got pretty much past Hello and realized- yup- it is that weird talking to a camera.

For Wild Words Of The North Festival, I received an honourable mention for my poem titled LOST (Last Of Sadness Thesaurus) inspired by the sculpture titled LOST 😉

So you can click here and watch me awkwardly talk about my writing tools or click here to watch me read my LOST poem. Or click here to read my LOST poem and see a picture of the stunning sculpture!

Since it’s getting so close to the release of Hot Moroccan Nights, you know I have to attach a preorder link for Amazon 🙂

I was also thinking of doing a run of poetry, like a poem a day inspired by whatever my mood is, just like when I ran the serial stories. The short stories got us to 22 or 23 if I recall, correct me if I’m wrong. So I’ll aim for 18 with my poems. 18 days, 18 poems. They’ll be posted every few days, once ready anyway 🙂

Cause don’t forget, I have to write and edit and match pictures to them before I can post them for ya’ll. But I will start the daily writing tomorrow.

I know it seems like forever in between chapters for Flee Obscura- sorry guys, but I promise when the story ends, it’ll be worth it 🙂

Thanks for loving me, even as odd as I am. Stay healthy.

Norma Rrae


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