End of Serial Poetry- Beginning of Serial Poetry

So it took me quite a bit longer for the poetry than the serial stories. I guess short stories are easier for me to rattle off. Poetry truly needs emotion behind its words, which means if I’m happy and busy and distracted, I find I can’t put the tears on the paper.

Without looking back in my posts to see where I thought of this serial poetry idea, I’m going to guess it was easily a month ago.

I’m going to run these, every other day while I revamp my website

Without further ado, I present to you

Serial Open (pre-one, or zero? I don’t know, it’s also one that you’re getting raw written now)

Somedays I feel it would be easier

Easier without you, without her, without them

Them over there, judging and ridicouling

Her over there, who caused our fights

You over there, with the words you throw

Me over here, with my brain drowning me

Without me

I think, maybe that’s the easy way

then there’s no thoughts, no cries, no fights, no spites

Without me, there would be no issue with her

Without me, there would be no nothing

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