Serial Poems Number Two

I get woken early by my husband

I am not a morning person

I can’t even say coffee does the trick

But the promise of a double double and breakfast sandwich make it worthwhile

We need to get wood

from the forest

from the deadfall

I don’t really want to go

But that’s our heat

For our home

for our soul

woodfire is something special

So I go

But I linger in the truck irritated-work-

when we get there

when my husband jumps out

when he falls a tree

when he cuts the logs

I know I need to pick up the wood and load the truck-work-

But it’s minus twenty outside

Large robin-egg-blue sky

Long Christmas-light-green fields

Fresh country-smog-free air

Yellow buttercup-dandelion-on-a-chin trees

Dropping their leaves

The forest is crying, I realize

For its lost brother-faqk-

Dragonflies so large you can hear their wings flap

and they close in on me

and they blame me

and it’s not my fault

I came for the coffee

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