Temerarious Tabias- Groundhog Day

Groundhogs are like mini spies that burrow through the earth.

Tabias falls down the hole it’s a far fall, and a sudden realization comes to him;

“What if they know I’m a spy too?” He shook his head mid-air, the words aloud had disappeared as he felt the cool of the bottom appear too soon.

“Ompfh,” he squeaked when his bum made contact, a short bounce, and he settled. Grumpy but none the less, settled. He heard movement in the dark bottom. Scurries and scuttles.  A whisper was just above the hum of silence. ‘Spy.’ It breathed the word. One syllable. One word.

Tabias stood and wiped the dirt from his eyes, or ‘put night vision goggles on,’ some might say. The tunnels lit up around him, not one or two or even four but dozens. Too many for the small space he occupied. He sighed, knowing the fate of the world rested on his shoulders and chose the nearest tunnel.

“Best, get quick to it,” he mumbled. A few mumbles replied from around the hundreds of tunnel corners, bridges, cross-sections. Tabias moved quickly. A form appeared. Too large for a hedgehog. Too small for a boar hog. Too cute for swine, too rude for a porker, too brown for a piglet.

Tabias took his night-vision goggles off (i.e., Blinked).

“Stay where you are,” the cute little bunny with no tail demanded.

“Are you a marmot?” Tabias blurted.

“No,” it shook its head. Then bared its teeth.

Tabias squinted, “are you a gopher?”

“No!” It shrieked and step forward, “but I am going to take over the world.” Then it began laughing, and the way its furry tummy bounced, Tabias couldn’t help but laugh.

“I will, I’m not kidding. I’ll go to the center of the Earth and stop the iron from rotating. I’ll cause all the people to fly off and disappear into the clouds!” His laugh was just above a squeak. It had no echo and hardly humor to it either.

“Okay, beaver dude. Enough is enough,” Tabias stood taller, “first- the people are on Earth from gravity. From the Sun. Second, we wouldn’t disappear into the clouds because they are marshmallows for God’s hot cocoa!” Tabias booted the furry rodent and spun on his heel.

“Stupid chipmunks, always causing problems century-old,” Tabias grumbled.

The groundhog growled.

Tabias spat back, “There’s no scientific confirmation to a correlation between a negative or positive outcome from Groundhog day. Does he see his shadow? Does he not see his shadow? Nobody really knows. Is he wild?”

“Are you wild? Child?” the groundhog’s eyes glowered.

“I guess we’ll see,” retorted Tabias. By hitting the big red button and causing the century-old contraption to squeak and wheel, coming to life. Clogs and pullies screamed as the dirt flew off the hidden machine until now. The small platform tabias stood on with the groundhog burst upward to the surface. Tabis struggled to keep the rodent in place as the blinding sun broke over them.

Tabias cranked the groundhog’s head to glance at the ground.

The young lad cheered, “early spring for all!” Tabias hollered, heatedly holding the groundhog in place.

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