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It’s Saturday. I went grocery shopping then checked the mail on my way home. One particular letter made my heart jump. A return letter from Stephen King.

Back story, I wrote him twice. One was a hand written letter put into a package with an anthology I’d been published in, along with a Christmas card and a Christmas picture of our hedgehog. Basically, I was asking for a blind endorsement on the novel I’m publishing this year (Cattywampus). I figured why not? Does it really hurt to ask, I knew there was a very good chance of him saying no. But check out my TikTok for the blind react and what the letter said.

The letter wasn’t from Stephen King.

It was from his assistant.

Basically just saying sorry for a nonpersonal response.

So I wonder if Stephen King even read my letter, I mean I hope he did.

There’s a very good possibility he did, but equally as good that he did not.

I traced the parcel. I mean, it was a book after all. I did say abandon though, on the customs paper. I wouldn’t expect him to have to sign for a parcel from a fan.

The second letter was just a typed letter, like the one I’d sent to Garth Nix, also asking for a blind endorsement. There’s a very good chance my book will be published with no endorsement and I’m okay with that too.

Part of the journey of becoming an author is taking risks, asking questions and building relationships with fellow authors. Even if I am a funny sort of duck to these big shots, I’m still trying and I won’t ever stop.

Not with contacting SK, lol, I’m no psycho, but I mean trying to break into this writer world that I want to live in with my whole being.

I began reading Stephen King’s stories when I was probably seven or eight years old. I picked them up again as an adult and his stories never fail. They are straight to the point, good description (I see myself in the room with the monster) and he’s got a vast collection of random tales in his mind. That is what makes an idol.

I recall in grade five or six, we wrote letters to companies, authors, actors, musicians for a class project. I wrote to Burton snowboard company and a candy company (I want to Wonka but I don’t recall even what type of candy I got back) but I receive letters, stickers, buttons, a t-shirt (from Burton) and even a VHS! (Omigawd I just dated myself).

Gone are those days. Even the days of people sending letters. But I have several people in my life that I be sure to send letters too.

I’ve just recently added famous authors to my list of people I send letters too.

Maybe one day I will get one back.
Have a lucky day friends


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