Blog Post- bedhead version

I’ve been trying to think of what I should do next for my website. I’ve done serial stories, serial poems (both of which I wrote one short everyday for X amount of days.) I’ve run three full novels for you. I’ve run Temerarious Tabias.

But it’s almost been a full year since he’s had the time to talk. So I’m going to run him again. And then I might start just writing his story again. I never got to finish for the local newspaper (where Tabias lived for nearly a year.)

So, I’m picking up the pace of Flee Obscura. There’s only two chapters left. So the clean begins soon! If you haven’t started from the beginning, do! The story is good. I know the editing is not. I am learning 🙂 Stick with me, the trip will be worth it! I promise.

The chapters will fall off just as everything else does for my website. It’s not that I don’t trust people. I believe heavily in karma when it comes to theft. But you know, I like to keep it neat. If you ever run out of the story and want to read it, contact me! They’re my stories to tell, so I want you to be able to read it. Beginning to end. And one day I’ll have all the links attached for you to buy each book.

Stay tuned for Temerarious Tabias! My comic/ short story debut published 2019. They’re a collection of short stories that followed the antics of a young boy and his imaginary world of oceans and titans and jungles of wild bobcats.

Much love

Norma Rrae

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