Temerarious Tabias- Captain Imagination

Tabias is nine years old. But his alter ego (Cap’n Imagination) is an infinity past. He has speed that bypasses the Flash, intelligence superseding Dr. Strange and sharper looking than Iron Man; he is the superhero everyone looks to the sky.

Except for Sister, she reminds him his size hardly scales Ant-Man.

The camouflage from his mask (decapitated teddy bear head) is so concealing that it doesn’t even need to cover his face.  

It only proved his powers were mightier than the vigorous Thor, stealthier than the surreptitious Black Panther and classier than the sumptuous Batman.

The steel-cut muscles on his chest shred t-shirts to confetti, shorts made extra stretchy for when he turns Hulk-like and boxer briefs made by the Incredibles tailor to ensure if he went Flame on, his butt wouldn’t show.

Achilles’ heel is the foxtail pinned to his shorts. It tells Step Mother (courtesy of a black snail trail through the kitchen) when the dirt monster (mud puddle from the garden and hose) has won a battle, and it’s time for a bath (kryptonite.)

“No wet superheroes in my house,” Stepmother cited and dragged him to the tub.

“I’m Aquaman!” Tabias retorted as he fought against her supervillain power.

She won, “okay, Aquaman,” with a chuckle, “then I guess you’ll enjoy the bath,” she threw him in and closed the door.

“But the Kraken will get me,” he wailed, trying to climb out, naked and slippery he fell back in clumsily.

“I thought you were Aquaman,” Step Mother laughed from the opposite side of the door.

Tabias pushed himself back and forth in the tub until the water splashed onto the floor. Faster until the waves grew so large that he had to plug his nose and dove.

The water became cold in those depths, but he kept his eye on the prize. A shiny pirate treasure at the bottom?

He swam closer, wrapped his fingers around the silver, and pulled with the strength Venom. It was the bath plug! Suddenly, the water spun into a tornado and sucked him through the open drain.

An angry roar warning he was in enemy waters. The Kraken appeared. He was infuriated with Tabias’ presence. Tabias was being crushed by strong tentacles that wrapped around him. If he’d had his foxtail, he could’ve tickled the monster to let go, but evil villain Stepmother had co-conspired!

Then, an idea, “temerarious!” Tabias shouted through the gurgle of water and jammed the silver bath plug into the Kraken’s mouth.

The monster bulged, a balloon near bursting and released Tabias. The Kraken floated upward in the dark water, forcing Tabias’ back up and out of the tub drain.

“Tabias!” shouted Stepmother, “where in the wild, is the bath plug?

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