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Blog Post- It’s been a long time

Since I posted. But I’ve had a rough go. Although I suppose that’s most peoples stories surrounding covid. All this junk going on in our society weighs me down as a empath. With the mandate, and being a healthcare worker- I found myself (for the first time in my life) strongly against something. It felt against my better judgement, against my soul and livelyhood to get the vaccine. I have never agreed with anything less than ten years of data, experiments and reactions recorded. Let alone something with only nine months. But I’m not here to begin an agrument since as many of you probably already deduced, as a healthcare worker, I had to get double vaxxed or I would lose my job.

Enough about my personal life since at this time I feel too raw to divulge much.

Back to my writing. I am completing my second to last edit on my novel, formerly known as Cattywampus- now Justyce Scales of The Otherly and Obscura. Once I have completed this edit, I will post a new weekly story. I removed Temerarious Tabias since I thought I had a chance at getting it into a magazine like Chickadee. I might try again, don’t know. My life seems to be a bucket of monkeys that I’ve thrown into the air and still waiting for them to land so I have the slightest chance at picking them up.

Anyway, my novel won’t be published til 2022 now which makes me sad since all of 2020 I said it would definitely be done in 2021. Apparently I still have a long road to learn to become a writer. So hang in there boys and girls. I will get there one day. That much I am sure of. But maybe in the meantime, my step children and children need more attention.

And my grandbaby, did I mention I have a 4 year old grandson? That I always want more time with! And my husband. And my three dogs. And my full time job. And all I want to do is catch one of the monkeys before it hits the ground. To lessen how much I have to bend, to retrieve said monkey, to replace in my bucket.

That’s it. That’s all I got.

Stay healthy my friends,

Norma Rrae

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