It’s Been A Long Time

I sit here, this cold snowy morning, and I am relieved I have no editing that is required. But that’s a lie, since I still have how many novels that I’ve written and need to eventually go back, do proper edits, and get back to the querying chopping block.

But I’m a creator, so my passion is to just create.

So I sit here, this Easter Sunday morning, all my family visits are done for the weekend so now I look down two solid days of doing- well, nothing.

What I really want to do is create and submit to contests again. I have three coming up, emerging poet prize with Palette Poetry, a 500 word fiction story for The Writer magazine and a 6000 word essay or fiction story for Tom Howard/ John Reid writing contest. You can win money with all of them, but of course you have to pay money to submit. I’m okay with that, since ultimately its the clout that I require, not the $3000, $300 or $3000 cash prize (respectively.) Don’t get me wrong, the money would be lovely! I’m not sure what I would do with it, maybe buy some new books and really give my bookshelf a face life! (most of my books right now are old, and not very pretty.)

I’ve begun writing my 6000 word fiction for Tom Howard, of course I won’t do an essay, I’m not into those essay things. Also, I think my blogs are close enough to essays.

The poem that’s due today is a little bit harder, I had original ideas of what I would post, now I’m not so sure. I’m also taking the kids to The Batman in about an hour, which apparently is a three hour movie! These are getting harder to commit to, the longer the movie gets. I’m excited with COVID restrictions being lifted, that I can take my kids to a movie again. Just not overly excited about sitting through a three hour movie.

Also, I wanted to see the new Fantastic Beasts, but I got outvoted. Good old teenagers.

So wish me luck writing a poem tonight after the movie!

And Happy Easter friends 🙂

Norma Rrae

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