Sometimes I Wonder

My brain takes off on me in so many directions. Some days I feel I’m on top of my shit, other times it seems to control me. Perpetually thinking, worrying, anxietying. They all make me feel so nauseous that I have to keep my eyes on the road of life to not vomit.

But then other times it feels so abstract that I think, ‘what it would it matter if I aim for the ditch?

Let go and allow my thoughts to steer this chunk of flesh on the winding road of crazy we call life.

Work. Money. Love. Hate. Hot. Cold. Pride. Worry. Hunger. Nausea.

I feel them all as I’m sure you do too, since we are all human and to be human is to suffer.

So join me and set aside your worry for a day. Just take a break. Put your feet up and stop driving through the daily roads you need to navigate.

I guarantee you, those issues will be there the next day.

So let go. Don’t hold on to anything.

Trade in the drive and just float.

On a boat.



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