Humans That Rule Hell- a short story that didn’t make the cut

Suntanning beneath full flame, Dahlia didn’t notice the door opening. Not until a breeze stole the heat from her bones.

Dahlia shimmied into her bronze skin and stalked to the door with jerky strides.


Then she smelt human. Worry. She checked the drawer. All daggers accounted for, except Life-Giver. “No,” she whispered through blood-red lips.

A human’s voice responded, “Si.”

Dahlia spun and ended up facing him. Handsomer than the last. “Not this…”

He cut her off, “you belong in Hell.”

She mischievously smiled, “here?”

“No, Chamuco.”

Then Life-Giver touched Dahlia.

Her cry ended with her standing on Earth, Human.

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