What a word.

What a meaning.

What a pain.

It hurts when we go out of our own life pathway to help another and don’t feel appreciated. This let down can happen faster than anyone anticipated and last longer than anyone wants.

I saw it the other day as a work project pulled in tv interviews with different staff members. The longest standing employee was discluded.

Of course this wasn’t done intentionally and you can see the pain in the perpetrators eyes when they realized the mistake.

But the apologies and pain seen still do nothing for the person that suffered that let down.

After several conversations, it’s still apparent that it hurt said employee.

Who’s to blame? The perp or the victim. What about all those sayings that if you let someone else affect your emotions that it still lands with you – it’s your own fault you allowed someone to hurt you.

How about a scenario of giving up a weeks worth of pay, thousands of dollars in travel expenses and stress added to help another?

Shall appreciation be extra large? Or as simple as a response to a text message? It all comes down to principles doesn’t it. We help and stand up for things for others when we believe in a cause or situational crisis. So why do we expect appreciation from the other when it’s often not given to the level that we require. Maybe we should do things we believe in and not expect anything, because well, the fact is- expectations always lead to disappointment. The only person you control is yourself and I’m not saying then it’s our fault if we’re let down by a lack of appreciation but rather, don’t expect anything except carbon dioxide from the opposite party.

Expectations hurt.

Loans break friendship.

And money is made to be spent.

That’s the only thing that is a certainty.

So spend your money, emotions and time on something you believe in.

Slightly under appreciated,

Norma Rrae.

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  1. 💜 Change YOUR!!! perspective of “appreciation” EveryOne; just give with no thought of return or just don’t give at all EveryBody


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