I’m Nervous

And that’s exactly what I need.

My first book signing is coming up, in just over twenty four hours. My first one is at ‘The first bookstore ever’ in Edmonton, Alberta and the second is in my childhood town, St. Albert, AB.

So to say I’m nervous, is quite literally an understatement.

I visit Edmonton often, and St. Albert occasionally, but this will be the first time I have ever stood in front of the light and introduced myself as a published author.

And I have no one to hold my hand. Not that I need that, but as anyone with social anxiety would know, if there’s something to distract yourself with, it’s even better.

Not only will I be placing myself in a position I never before have been, I will be introducing myself over and over again as Norma. This is my pen name that I adopted from my grandmother. She passed the Friday before last and I’m just leaving the city where her service was held.

Emotional, slightly anti-social and most definitely sensational here I be.

Sitting on a plane, waiting for take off, reminding myself that those nerves are what will propel me through these next two events.

On which I can look back on, grow experience from and learn how to become a well rounded published author, business woman, entrepreneur.

I still remember when I was a child. Don’t ask me why, but I often pondered the thoughts of- I would be fearful if I were famous, I wouldn’t like being followed by paparazzi, I wouldn’t like the brightness in the stars eyes. I always had these thoughts.

From when I wrote my first poetry, my first short story, my first newspaper article, I had these thoughts that I’ve always had to work through and work on.

I suppose that is why I started st a young age. Because I needed the extra time to decide and determine, this is what I want.

I hope to see you tomorrow in Edmonton, or Saturday in St. Albert. heck out my events page for times and address!

Because I got this.

Much love,

Norma Rrae

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