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Full disclosure- this post is not edited. Read on to learn why 😉

I met the editor of a newspaper yesterday and he asked me what was a hang on say a book I had started writing and never finished vs a book I easily finished.

I was so intrigued by this question. It’s true! I have a few books I had started with such a wonderful idea and gusto that it flowed right out but then suddenly stalled and died to sit in the ‘black hole’ file on my computer.

Some of that could be contributed to time or life circumstances. I know there is one novel I’m dying to finish writing (a horror) but I’ve been so busy marketing my first published novel – Justyce Scales of the Otherly and Obscura – that I have not made it back.

But one novel did jump out at me. A story I began writing based on my grandfather that was in the war. This novel I tried to have every other chapter go between my grandfather’s experiences (which I am guessing since he’s passed) and the growth of a beautiful flower that gets smashed down into a drug. So you see, this book did have quite a bit going on. Not only do I know nothing about my grandfather’s experience other than he was there, but it also has a very poetic spin making it a little more difficult.

I might have put that book down because it was too hard. Or I might have subconciously told myself to allow some of these ‘easy’ stories to flow out of me and then revisit VinCrystine in the future.

That being said, I have written about 10 novels. I have only published one since the editing is very daunting and stories seem to want to come out faster than marketing or rewriting or spell checking, etc. For now I am allowing myself the space to not only deal with my teenagers and chaotic household I have, but to just bask in easy writing and story building.

One day, when I have an agent and a book deal, I can then commit my time to editing and blossoming these stories into the novels they are destined to be.

This blog post actually started off with me wanting to say something completely different, but isn’t that the way words go. And it just proves my point to allow anything to flow through you, even if in the moment it is completely different than you expected.

What I originally was going to say could probably be summed in one paragraph.

I have written novels about myself- suffering addiction, being gaslit. But I have also written novels about great fantasical worlds. So where is the middle ground between these two? I think it’s time I write a novel about me. Not Me was a great success and only slightly based off my life as it is right now. I Am A Nobody was strongly based off my life when I suffered addicition, but what about the inbetween. When I suffered social anxiety, social withdrawal and ttrying to find myself. I have often been able to connect with people about mental health, financial difficulties, parenthood, single parenethood and more because of my life experiences that carried me between now and the street but I never wrote any of that down. Those times are exactly what brought me to the wild imagination I carry and the social anxiety I learn to bury.

After my current WIP – Vinharia – I am going to write Its Just Me and this will run weekly on my website like Not Me ran. So hang in there friends.

For now,

stay cool

Norma Rrae

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