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My Second Book Signing Lessons Learnt

The second time (actually the third and fourth time) sitting at a book signing taught me a lot about myself, my skills of speaking with others and how to properly sell my book.

What I learnt was a) I’m still learning how to conduct myself in this spotlight (ie. being an author being asked very intelligent questions and have to stay professional, but fun and intriguing) b) I’m still learning how to talk to people, I’m a writer NOT a speaker! I’ve repeated this several times over the last how many weeks, but its so apparent to me often (maybe others a little less.)

c) How to properly sell my book

I don’t really know. Each person is different and even when I think I read someone well enough to connect, I still say dumb shit that makes people shake their head and walk away.

Point in case, a guy, my age, wearing a Dragon Ball Z hat. And I tried to ask if he watched the new movie that came out last year (I’d seen it with my daughter and I loved it) but I said, did you see the Dragon Ball Z movie where Goku is the main character?

He scrunched his face at me and said, “Goku is always the main character and there’s probably a hundred movies.”

FACEPALM!!! What I meant to say was Piccolo the main character. But I screwed that up. (Anyway, with a google search the movie is called Super Hero and it was really good.) Anyway, the guy walked away shaking his head, probably thinking I’m a dumbass.

Here’s the kicker. He came back over an hour later and asked what my book was about. He still didn’t buy it, but it was something.

Another conversation pulled into asking if I’d want to speak at a school which instantly made my social anxiety spike, but I said of course I would love to and filed that information in the back of my brain. I do take business cards, hand out business cards and tell everyone I speak to to contact me for further discussions. But really, I need an agent.

A lady told me her daughter has daymares (which is what my main character suffers from) and asked what I learnt about them. That led into a conversation I felt holey unprepared for but I suppose the research I put into my novel paid off in that moment.

Like the rock climbing comment I got. See my Buying Page for the screenshot feedback I’ve received!

Hearing what other people’s predictions are is neat. I mean, obviously I know how the story ends, I literally made it up, but hearing what people think is going to happen is astonishing.

There’s a theory on Grentsth, one of my favourite characters in story, and I’ll leave it there since any other words added to this sentence would cause a spoiler.

Also I’m sorry but Grentsth’s story isn’t fully told until the sequel 😅

Hearing people say my made up catch phrase, ‘what in the wilds’ even before they read the book is heat warming and validating that I strung words together correctly.

I ended up sitting at 3 Christmas Markets and just when I thought I was done for the year, I got a cancellation. I nearly said no, then realized- what am I thinking- said yes and ended up selling 6 books!

I’ve also met so many amazing local artisans that I can now boast that I support and created friendships with. I might even have a collaboration with a painter for a children’s book in the mix.

Never say it’s the end. It’s just the beginning.

Norma Rrae

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