A Christmas Poem a Day- Day Two

Christmas Covid Cat

All these dumb hoomans

A smell of chemical on their hands

And panties on their face

At home longer now and all they do is stare into space

But never offer any extra snacks

Or giving in to my daily ferocious attacks

I scream night and day for their surrender of Earth

I believe they don’t listen because I’ve gained some gerth

Behind me, I leave the dumb hoomans

To seek out the metal box that smells of pecans

I paw the little dingly dangly

And somehow it opens

To syrupy sweet tokens

that hit my whiskers like cat nip

I see hoomans mouths drip

As they hold a mini metal box and hardly blink

Glowing screens, their neck at an odd kink

They won’t notice a Christmas Covid Cat

They’ve hardly noticed themselves grow fat

So I eat half the cooling gooey mess

And wonder what else I can get for this Christmas

Norma Rrae

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