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My Brain- friend or foe

Fuck your mind.

Yup, someone said that to me once.

And not in a cool, “fuck your mind is amazing,” type of way. Nope, it was, “fuck your mind is just a mess.”

I don’t deny this. I live in it, so take it from me, it is messy up there.

But sometimes when it’s functioning well I can anticipate unpredictable situations, guess super secret surprises and read people down to an addiction.

Other times it doesn’t even let me spell some of the words above.

But it’s my brain and I do my best to care for it, maybe I wasn’t always of this opinion (ie. drinking too much, binge eating candy, etc.) but I am now caring for my jelly in the upstairs by taking Omegas, hydrating and reading because when your body begins to fail and your skin sags to look like uncooked dough, the only thing you can rely on is your mind.

You have to trust your brain to make you feel good, to make you look pretty in the mirror, to make you confident in front a crowd.

Your mind can make you stop breathing, scream at an invisible man, laugh, cry, hungry, poop. Everything.

Brain matter can take a simple paragraph and change it to beautiful poetry. It can start off scared, damaged and closed only to spin into an beautiful open lotus flower made of millions of petals spewing kindness and perfect intuition.

My co worker said once that it takes an especially intelligent mind to be dyslexic, because dyslexics have to make up whole new languages but still make it work to be understood (Grammarly saved me btw.)

My counsellor said its good to be naïve, because it keeps you open and compassionate and trusting, otherwise you would hate everyone and doubt everything.

So why am I typing this all other than just for content? Because at the end of everything we are literally electric impulses inside a gelatinous bowling ball inside an egg shell. So take care of your emotions, feelings and words. Don’t speak negative talk inside or outside (harder said then done) but so many elders I’ve spoken to that are witty, fun and sweet say the same thing- stay positive, keep it light, make it funny and exercise your mind.

Stay sharp

Norma Rrae

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