A New Short Just Uploaded

Hi friends.

I’ve uploaded a new short story because it lost the WoTF contest for the last time. But this last time was extra special because instead of receiving the normal, ‘good job but not this time’ response, this time it received a full page email!

This time, the 20th time I’ve entered this contest, the email I received back was amazing! And not the ‘you won’ amazing, but the full feedback, encouragement type of feedback. I did win an honourable mention for this story but after revising and editting several times, it’s now a dud for the contest. So back to the drawing board (which is my favourite part!) And I’ll redo the online training for ‘how to write a perfect short story’ and continue ramping up my skills.

Which means, luck to you, there’s a new story to read on this page – Mei Kawaii

I suppose the difference between winning and losing, is persistence. Not to quote millions of memes out there, but I met a fellow writer once that told me about this contest, said they entered once and never again. I asked why, they said ego and shrugged. But the thing is, I can’t imagine they know exactly how to break into the writing world, I sure as hell don’t. So I super appreciate feedback, in all forms. And I super appreciate the chance to write a new story.

I always jump at the chance to make my writing words better <3

So here’s the question, what should I write about it?

Send me a one sentence writing prompt normarrae@gmail.com

See you at the next tale,

Norma Rrae

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