Imitation, Limitation or Intuition

Sometimes I wonder, when I am introduced to a new author, a new musician or a new way of doing something, anything in this life from a friend, family member or YouTube influencer. Does it come from imitation, limitation or intuition.

I recently was introduced to a new band that I fell in love with instantly, the person who was played said music then got angry that I ‘ripped their music off’ but isn’t life all about learning and growing and seeing/feeling new things? I say feel when it comes to music because to me, getting those goosebumps when I fall in love with a new song is magical and I can listen to that band play over and over again until I memorize 90% of the music before I even consider listening to someone else.

But is it that I’m imitating the person that introduced me, or had I just never crossed paths with someone else that listened to that band, so really my selection was limited? Take TikTok for example, how many of us now have a vast playlist thanks to TikTok 15 second videos jamming a new tune into our mind so relentlessly that we had to Shazam and download instantly.

Or was it intuition that was leading us along, and that person was meant to show us the way in that moment, the way to a new beat that fills our soul?

I tell ya, I had that when my daughter bought me Shiver by Junji Ito. Not only does this Tomie character appear in several short stories which is cool, but Junji Ito is a very dark writer which I absolutely admire! I’ve had people tell me to lighten my work, “write a love story” well can the lover dismember the other at the end? No, cuz that wouldn’t be a love story, equally that wouldn’t sing to my heart to make me put thousands of hours into writing/editing a story with an ending that doesn’t shock or confuse. But that’s just me.

But also, this main character that Junji Ito follows through with story after story has the same distinguishing mole on her face as me, just below my eye 🙂 Love it!

Thanks for the new author for me to super fan,

Norma Rrae

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