The Vain One

Since I suppose you want to know about who’s writings you’re reading. My name is Norma Rrae, and I’m a northern living author. Up here, we chop wood for heat, hunt for dinner, fish for enjoyment and garden for an excuse to be in the sunshine.

I’m 38, she/her, Gemini, spirit animal is elephant. I have plants (that survive my torture), I don’t dance, my favorite kitchen singing music is anything from Punk Rock to Trap to Oldies. I don’t run 5K, my favorite food is spicy Ichiban noodles with everything but the sink on top, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs so you won’t need Narcan to hang out with me on a Friday night, although good luck getting me out of the house. I’m a writer, my favorite place is anywhere, with a notebook and a pen (preferably with sunshine but if its snowing, it just gives me an excuse to use my fuzzy boots.)

I’m a recovered addict, having lived through more life experiences than most could even find written in a book, I have a wealth of real life stories not to mention the made up ones I can create at the drop of an ink blot. I’ve always have a wild imagination (which isn’t always fun when I’m alone) and I’ve written since I was a child. I lost many years of my life to addiction so am now pulling the bits back together to build an author portfolio to hopefully acquire an agent that will represent me and help sell my novels that spill out of me faster than what my teens can make messes in my house (ok, maybe it’s a close second.)

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